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BZ1 ( said, BeeZee1 )

BlueZombie is currently developing a revolutionary wireless mic recorder system for use in filming for tv production and vlogging.
more news on the BZ1 protype comming soon.


BZ1 firmware image will be soon available here...

Latest firmware downloads...

Who are we?

Chris Smith

Chris has worked with world leading companies: In oil and gas provision, his work has been in the development of motor control and orientation surveying of rotary steerable drilling systems; command and control systems, data acquisition and analysis. In motorsport (Formula 1 & Formula E), ECU development, communications interface and battery monitoring systems. Chris has also worked on educational robots, event driven tracking systems, automated parking and bus ticketing machines.

Ben Biles

Ben has worked for the past 25 years on prime time television documentaries for the BBC1,2,3,4 Channel 4 , ITV, Discovery Channel, Arte, NHK Japan among others. He has a high level of audio expereience in TV production. His work has taken him to many corners of the earth. Ben presents high level skills in electronics design, featured twice on and lives in Japan.


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